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So if you are seriously considering this opportunity to get into the virtual world for profits, you are onto something. Why? Well, because plenty of companies and even individuals need pictures for different reasons. The list is endless: insurance companies, web developers, eBay sellers, publishers of e books and ezines, marketers are just the tip of the iceberg. Do some research; get some training videos and learn how to get ongoing income for your artwork.

Contact the venue. Usually via email stating that you are a freelance photographer and you want to request photo clearance to take pics during the fest. Sometimes they ask what publication you are working for.
Remember that photography isn’t just about clicking the button and crossing your fingers for good shot. Although digital photo is becoming more accessible to beginners, there is a line in becoming professional. For those who are considered hard core, capturing photos is not about editing the picture. If you want to be a professional, there are requirements that you need to fulfill. You would also need to invest in equipments and tools. There might seems to be a lot job opportunities for this field, making a living from it is hard especially if you don’t have enough capital.
Another option these days is looking to the internet to start a business. I am sure you have all seen the ads online claiming you can be the next millionaire without leaving your lazy-boy, but don’t be fooled. A business online is no different than a business online. There is worked involved and anyone who says its easy and they are giving money away is lying. That being said, there is a ton of money to be made on the internet these days if you know where to look and how to do it.
If for example, you want to focus on freelance writing, then you may want to consider what type of writing you would like to do. There are websites that have general writing assignments such as TextBroker, and then there are more specific assignments such as at Experts123. These types of websites are called active income sites, where you get paid a flat rate per article or per word. There are other sites called passive income sites where you can get paid through revenue sharing. In revenue sharing, you earn over time, depending on your article’s success. You can find this type of income on websites such as HubPages, Squidoo, and Yahoo! Voices.
Google your own name. With Quotes (“Mary Alice Franklin”) AND without quotes (Mary Alice Franklin). See what comes up. Try including your middle name or initial if you use them as well. When I put my name into a Google search engine, my current articles come up. My Photography jobs from Homealso comes up. However, a project I did for my neuroscience class in college comes up. I had no idea that that was still on the internet. It isn’t embarrassing, so I don’t mind; however, if it was a picture of me with one too many cocktails, that would be a different story.
Photography is a very competitive field. Get ahead of your peers and always try to improve. Explore and experiment on different techniques you can think of.

Every photo competition that you wish to participate will have its own set of rules like the no. of entries, copyrights, model release, theme and entry fees. Before participating you get to try here their entry guidelines and submit the photos. There is a possibility of your photos being ignored or disqualified for not adhering to the rules.
Would you like to learn how you can get paid for photos? Do you have mega bite after mega bite of cool photographs stored on your hard drive and you would like to go something with them? Well you can do something with them that will put some money in your pocket. You can get paid for photos online. A lot of photographers do this for extra money and even as a full time living. There are many different ways you get paid for your photographs. Some companies pay up front for each one you submit and others pay by the download. I think getting paid by the download is the best way.

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