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If you are a designer, you can make various items post pictures on your websites like eBay and wait for clients to start calling in. Many companies pay people when they take part in online surveys.

Contact the agent or P.R. dept. It’s sometimes easier to get press clearance to take phots, than it is to get an interview. If you have a particular artist in mind, you should contact their agent to gain clearance. I usually do this first. Then, I google the artist to find out which studio or company they are with. I contact the company to get their particular A&R Rep, PR agent, or agency.
This info provided by the Top Mentor Group. This group is dedicated to giving back to the industries that have given us so much. Currently we are focused on giving people the knowledge needed to succeed online in this economy. We highly recommend this Marketing Bootcamp to get you up and running at home and online.
There are many Photography jobs from Homewebsites where you can make fast online cash. You do not have to be a professional to do this as long as you take clear interesting pictures.
In your daily blog, highlight your specialty and tell the world why you like photography or why you are specializing in one category. Also, do not forget to put a picture of yourself to show people that you are real and that you truly exist.
Remember that photography isn’t just about clicking the button and crossing your fingers for good shot. Although digital photo is becoming more accessible to beginners, there is a line in becoming professional. For those who are considered hard core, capturing photos is not about editing the picture. If you want to be a professional, there are requirements that you need to fulfill. You would also need to invest in equipments and tools. There might seems to be a lot job opportunities for this field, making a living from it is hard especially if you don’t have enough capital.
The good thing about marketing in photography is that it greatly relies in your portfolio. So if you don’t have the knack for sales talk, there is no need to worry. Let your pictures do the talking.

Voluntary work: you can volunteer for some jobs and do them free just to build up your experience and portfolio. I have done free photography for bands in he past and had a real good time doing it.
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