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When traveling to a distant place it is almost second nature to want to bring a camera and for a good reason. Most people are looking to make a travel journal to keep the memory of their trip alive and in vivid color and be able to show it off to their family and friends. The most important thing to know even before you start your journey is the research. Taking time to study a place that you are planning to visit and plan a shooting itinerary will help enhance the quality and number of photo opportunities you can encounter along the way.

2) Take your camera everywhere and don’t weigh yourself down with cumbersome equipment. Travel light. A small, light-weight tripod or ‘Gorrillapod’ is an useful accessory, ideal for low light conditions/night shots/slow shutter speeds.
Do not forget the components. Taking these little things help you on your Photography Jobs Travel.First bring extra batteries, flash, cables, etc. And buy at least three high grade memory cards other than the ones in your camera. High quality memory cards like SanDisk 64 Ultra Micro SDXC UHS I can help you store more pictures. Be sure to format all of it before hitting the road.
Another issue is what to do with a tripod, you have 3 options. 1) Leave it at home and buy/ hire one at the location, this is the most risky ideas as you can never be guaranteed what you can get, if anything! 2) Pack it in you main holdall 3) get a decent bag/ case for it and put it through as separate luggage.
So research and try out bags and do lots of trial packing. Also many hostels and hotels do have safes either in rooms or behind reception but dependant on what country you are in don’t trust it 100%. Keep your body and lenses with you as much as possible, treat them like you passport and don’t let them out of your sight! If you loose charges or batteries through theft of missing baggage it’s a pain but it’s not game over.
Whether it be a beach vacation sipping mojitos or a high flying zip lining adventure it’s time to make Puerto Rico your next travel destination. Catch the Spirit as Spirit Airlines whisks passengers away on their island getaway for only 1 round trip. Book by October 4, 2011 to get on this great deal and spend those cool autumn days in the warm summer sun.
That is one reason for my fascination with islands. Another is, I feel a sense of peace on an island that I don’t experience on a continent. While I doubt I could live for protracted periods on an island, (I did live in New Zealand for a year) I love to visit and explore them.

SAVANNAH: Wrap yourself in the luxury of the south and take a trip back through the centuries in this historic city. Southern cooking never tasted better than right here in Savannah.
You can add a whole lotta drama to your photo just by changing your perspective a bit. For example, instead of taking a photo straight on, get down to the floor and shoot upwards, or conversely, take a photo from above looking down. This simple technique can transform your photo from ordinary to extraordinary! So think about the story you’re trying to tell, then move around and find the best vantage point to relay that story.
Also take your subject into account as shooting from the front with the subject nose straight into the lens can make a big nose smaller. Whilst making a small nose larger can be achieved by shooting from a slight angle.

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