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For the beginner the easiest way to select a niche area is to think about areas that you know something about. Perhaps you have experience in gardening or even a big interest in tropical fish. These are the types of areas that you need to look into first as you’ll need to write something about your chosen field, it is best to select one that you are already acquainted with.

This means that you will need to find out about the issues and problems that people in this niche have. What questions do they have about this area and what solutions are already available? You’ll need to also look into how you are going to reach these types of people – look for forums and online communities.
One great way is through online auctions on websites such as eBay. You can even have a garage sale online! Just look through your house to find all of those items that you no longer use that you no longer want, and that are just sitting there day after day collecting dust. You don’t have to worry about the condition of the items either, as many people buy electronics merely for spare parts, and others buy damaged clothing to use as quilt material or work clothes.
It is always best to choose something for which you have a connection. Use your strengths to your advantage. Capitalize on your knowledge. Make a business of something you enjoy. For instance, do you have a way with animals? Do you love dogs?
The first way to make money on the Internet is to become a content writer. You’re in college right? People are always looking for college students to write for their websites/blogs. I have made thousands of dollars on the Internet writing article and I didn’t finish high school. Don’t tell me you can’t do it. Start looking for job postings as a content writer at Elance or Craigslist.
Starting off, you can be paid commissions by helping connect people that you might know who have particular skills with various employers. If you refer someone that gets hired, you could be paid anywhere between to a few thousand dollars.
How many sites should you join? I would start with three sites and ultimately narrow it down to one. It is difficult to stay active on too many sites at once.

You’re not allowed to make money with your free blog. Lots of people blog because it’s fun. But, we also try to see if we can make a little money on the side. After all, there are lots of Photography Jobs Moneythrough blogging: google ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts.
Do not forget the power of social media sites. Create a Facebook account or twitter account. Connect with your friends and relatives as well as your previous clients. Join social groups with your same niche and learn from each other. The goal here is to establish yourself socially, constantly learning new ideas, finding possible leads and creating your own network.
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