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Those seven days were a fantasy of fine dining aboard the Royal Clipper with daily explorations of ports I ‘d never experienced. The cruise could not have been more perfect.

~ Don’t edit right away. You will be tempted to get rid of the photos that don’t appeal to you at the moment. Wait until after your trip, when you have the time and distance to really look at them. Delete the out of focus or too dark photos, but save the rest. They will look completely different at home on your computer screen. Trust me on this one. If you think you won’t have enough space for all the photos you plan to take, bring 2 or 3 memory cards. Even with a higher resolution quality, you will be able to snap to your heart’s content.
You have selected the type of camera, your next decision is to choose a brand of camera. Some of the major players include Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Minolta which are very reputable companies. I would recommend Nikon or Canon as the best on the market.
Take your time on this purchase. Do some research, go in and play with cameras at a store with people who know their products, ask questions, look at the manual. If you aren’t comfortable with the way it is set up, you won’t be comfortable using it. Don’t think you will get used to whatever is making you hesitate – trust your instinct and move on. You have so many options with digital cameras that there is no need to compromise.
Children Museum of Manhattan-The Children’s Museum is honoring the American worker. Teaching children using informative learning activities and arts and crafts they will get an understanding of history. The Museum is taking part in Target Free Fridays so anytime after five enter for free.
There are thousands of agencies out there – be careful with your choice. If possible try and pick one of the bigger agencies. Your images will get a lot more exposure and make your Photography Jobs Travelmore profitable.
Of concern for travelers is theft. Basically, this can be treated with common sense measures. Either always have your camera on your person, or have it locked up safely. If you invest in a good luggage lock system, you will have a fairly safe place to store your camera. Just be cautious, and use common sense. Stowing the camera out of site may be wise in certain areas, because nothing screams “rich foreigner” like a brand new DSLR.

There as so many islands in the Caribbean that I haven’t visited I should just take a cruise and knock off a dozen. Instead I picked this tandem to get a twofer.
The following day, we wandered off by ourselves on Terre-de-Haute in the Iles de Saintes. In about fifteen minutes, we had entirely crossed the small island to its eastern shore where six-foot waves were crashing on the beach. For over a half-hour, we were the only two on a mile-wide beach. Walking back, we explored an unique above-ground cemetery where each grave contained a little mini altar with photos, flowers and memorabilia.
Driving information is given milepost by milepost with cautions and attractions noted in detail. Reminders might be a caution about frost damaged pavement or then again maybe a general caution about an abundance of black bears in the area. Cellphone coverage (or the lack thereof) is explained and suggestions are made for photo-ops and wildlife viewing.

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