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Starting off, you can be paid commissions by helping connect people that you might know who have particular skills with various employers. If you refer someone that gets hired, you could be paid anywhere between to a few thousand dollars.

So what’s changed? Forums and newsgroups used to be the way for photographers to exchange stories, tips, techniques, and to meet other photographers. These communication channels still exist, but they are going the way of the dinosaurs.
For the beginner the easiest way to select a niche area is to think about areas that you know something about. Perhaps you have experience in gardening or even a big interest in tropical fish. These are the types of areas that you need to look into first as you’ll need to write something about your chosen field, it is best to select one that you are already acquainted with.
Plus, when the average Joe attempts to print their photos, things can go awry. I am sure you have seen photos like this. The prints have bad, splotchy resolution. This happens when the photographer had no idea how to adjust the camera settings to produce printable photos.
Are you new to photography? Why do you need a camera? Is it for holiday snapshots or are you trying to Photography Jobs Money?Every question you answered will determine what kind of camera you should get.
When I started out using this system, I got stuck on the video part. Not because it was difficult, but just because I am not that fond of making videos. So I was very surprised when I one month later received for this blog. I had only written ten blog posts. This inspired me to make another page, using this system, and again, I have made money. Some more, because I actually did overcome myself and made a video for it.
The answer is simple. It is true that just about every household has a digital camera, or a film camera. However, how many people can really use them?

4)Ghostwriting. Promote yourself as a ghostwriter. The web is full of literally thousands of websites, all of which need to be frequently filled with new content. A lot of webmasters can’t (or would rather not) write their own content. You can promote yourself in forums, submit a press release or bid for jobs on sites like elance.
One method which isn’t completely free, but works great is to pay the owner of a popular YouTube video to put your link in their description box. Because the video is already getting a constant stream of viewers, you get a constant stream of interested people. After the initial cost, it is free traffic.
Also, there is a new emerging industry where you can also get paid for connecting buyers to suppliers. It simply works by introducing your friends on social networks such as MySpace or Facebook to specific products or services by certain suppliers. When the products gets old, you get paid. It’s that simple.
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