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Often the quickest path to fun is through drink, so let Mixologist help come to your service. A personal bartender for your pocket, you’ll learn how to whip up over 7,900 different cocktails, martinis, punches, and shooters. Just don’t try to sample them all in one night.

Many people have The Maldives on their list of places to see before they disappear under the water. I think there are better reasons to travel to these out-of-the way islands. Beauty, serenity and isolation are the reasons that come to my mind. I’ll let you know when I get there. The Maldives and Seychelles alternate on my wish list and I am eager to remove one or both to make room for other deserving islands on my list.
However, we are sometimes disappointed with the way our holiday photos turn out – images are blurred, out of focus or are just plain boring. But what can we do about it?
Now, thanks to Venture Galleries, boomers, their children, and grandchildren have a new way to see the U.S.A.– an unique combination of travel photography and travel oriented books. Caleb Pirtle III and Stephen Woodfin have assembled work from a cabal of award winning artists and authors representing a cross section of experience and flavor from around the country. Painters, photographers and graphic artists join talents with authors of both fiction and non-fiction to provide visual and reading experiences to compliment the imaginations of those who love to travel and/or read.
Composition of a picture from an elevated position maybe dramatic but the general rule is to hold the camera at the same height as your subjects head.
When it comes to Photography Jobs Travel,the man made world has so much to offer.When you first walk out of the hotel, you will see the city streets that stretch for miles in each direction. During sun rise or sun set this can be the perfect time to take a few select pictures. City vista photos are shot to show a softer and more elegant side to a city or town with a skyline in the background. Stained glass windows can make a wonderful and beautiful picture. The simplicity to taking a picture with this type of subject is that the artists already has done all of the creative work for you.
The main draw back to this particular model is its battery consumption. The camera comes with a pair of AA batteries that are quickly consumed. Fortunately another option exists, but it requires an additional purchase of a pair of rechargeable batteries and a charger. The necessity of this extra equipment manages to offset the initially low purchase price. A lesser drawback is the slightly flimsy SD slot/battery door.

There are horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. If the lines are obvious the eye will naturally follow them through the photo. Lines can add depth, movement, drama and emotion to a photo, depending on the type of line and how obvious it is.
When traveling to a distant place it is almost second nature to want to bring a camera and for a good reason. Most people are looking to make a travel journal to keep the memory of their trip alive and in vivid color and be able to show it off to their family and friends. The most important thing to know even before you start your journey is the research. Taking time to study a place that you are planning to visit and plan a shooting itinerary will help enhance the quality and number of photo opportunities you can encounter along the way.
I have been to French Polynesia and spent two days on Tahiti. I could see Moorea in the misty distance from the pool at the Sofitel in Papeete. It seemed almost criminal to have come so far and not visit Bora Bora and Moorea but that is lot of a travel writer traveling at someone else’s request. Bora Bora and Moorea are two of the best know names in island-mania. People may not have a clue where they are but they’ve heard of them. My reasons for these South Pacific islands are many but right at the top are the photographic possibilities.

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