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Can you find a site that focuses on sports photography? I have not seen one that specializes in it, but the subject is covered on many sites. The same can be said for event photography, night photography, and similar niches.

The third best way to make money on the Internet is what I call Incentivize Websites. Basically all you do is try products that a company is testing and you get to keep the product. For example, you sign up for a dating website and you get paid just for doing so. It’s kinda like mystery shopping.
Firstly look at the 97% of people (which is the majority and this means the average right) and look at what they do and how they do it. Then go and do the complete opposite as these people are average just like everyone else so it is no wonder they are not going anywhere.
Let the prospect test the opportunity out for free for a certain period of time. In some opportunities they might charge for one week and then if the prospect doesn’t cancel they are billed full price on a regular basis.
Wash cars. You can hold a car wash at a busy location, or go door to door. Car washes make a lot of money, and you could build a steady clientele quickly.
Each day people search for alternative Photography Jobs Moneyto supplement their income. More and more people are starting home-based businesses around the country. Thousands of people start a home-based business each year, in search of one financial freedom from the bonds of their unsecured jobs. When I first started a home-based business, my family, and friends were curious about what I did. I was excited about sharing my business and invited them to my home. I wanted to educate my friends and family about an awesome business opportunity that had the potential of changing their financial future and mine. I received good feedback but most of all negative feedback. How discouraging that can be. I heard it all.
When you think of it, it’s really your passion for the art that cuts you out for photography. There’s no boring moment with photography, since the art is colored with constant change.

Do not forget the power of social media sites. Create a Facebook account or twitter account. Connect with your friends and relatives as well as your previous clients. Join social groups with your same niche and learn from each other. The goal here is to establish yourself socially, constantly learning new ideas, finding possible leads and creating your own network.
It’s a waste of time to write and submit ads if you don’t know how they are performing. Use a tracking script or create a way to test your ads to see how they perform.
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